PROFIT Consultancy & Equipment delivers the Greek industry the best mechanical equipment (CNC machinetools) and supplies the Greek businessmen important and productive industry solutions.

Pro.Fi System is a business unit of PROFIT Consultancy & Equipment specialized in the design and manufacturing of solutions for the improvement of the quality of the electrical power and the protection of any kind electrical or electronical equipment from:

• Problems that occur due to the central power supply of an installation (overvoltage, undevoltage, high-voltage, phase loss etc)
• Problems of the internal electrical installation network (overvoltage undevoltage, harmonics,etc)

• Problems that occur due to the use generators and UPS units
• Problems that occur due to interferences and odd harmonics that are produced by machines and affect their good function

Bad quality of electrical power is responsible for quick weariness and sudden damages in electrical and electronical devices, computers, motors, UPS batteries, sound and visual systems and, every equipment designed to operate according to international standards of electrical quality.

The ProFi System was initially designed for protecting CNC equipment in order to cut-off cost of service in Profit Consultancy & Equipment's CNC machinetools base.

After 3,5 years of operation, the installation of Pro.Fi in almost 50% of our machine base and many of competitors machines, has lead to over 90% minimization of damages caused by the quality of electrical power.
Due to this fact, a wide variety of products were designed and installed in different applications of:
• Industrial equipment (CNC lathes, machine enters, EDM machines, wire cut machines, injection machines, food industry machines, production lines etc)
• Business applications (Business centers, computer rooms, office buildings, night clubs etc)
• Hospitals (tomografer X-ray machines, blood test machines etc)
• Houses with expensive electrical and electronically equipment

The great efficiency of Pro.Fi System products were trusted and proved o a big variety of consumers.
Even very big companies like Public Power Corporation of Greece and BP (British Petroleum) had saved a lot of money from damages in their installations.

One big variety of products gives efficient and low cost solutions protecting a wide variety of devices and installations (see comparison table)

Pro.Fi SYSTEM secures effectively your equipment and help you to save a lot of money! CONTACT US TODAY!

"Our mission is to protect YOUR industrial, professional and household equipment from surge shocks"