Pro.Fi System is a Business Unit of PROFIT Consultancy & Equipment. Our company provides the Industry and the private sector with high-end technical solutions and services.

• Pro.Fi are systems which protect medium to large scale electrical and electronic installations and devices, from harms coming from poor power supply quality (frequent effects like striking charges, surges, transient or long-lasting incidents, bad harmonics etc).

• Pro.Fi systems optimize and retain the uninterrupted of every production procedure of materials or services, by substantially reducing down/time and cost of maintenance, and by saving consumed power.

• Pro.Fi systems also significantly contribute to the reliability and the long-last of production equipment of any kind, by reducing the rate of harms (damages) up to 90%.

• Pro.Fi System offers a wide product range aiming to cover from heavy-duty industrial applications, to small home electric installations. Our systems also can be customized to meet special needs and protection levels.

"Our mission is to protect YOUR industrial, professional and household equipment from surge shocks"