PROFI.PLUS is an innovative, integrated  and programmable protection system of 3-phase electric installations, against transient and extended incidents, which also provides a fully stabilized voltage output. The system, also protects against bad harmonics, striking charges and voltage surges. The protection level of the system is higher than 90%.

PROFI.PLUS is appropriate for protection of medium to large, buildings and industrial electric installations.



Dimensions(w x l x h mm) Weight(Kgrs)
PROFI.PLUS  125Α    (90kVA) 1000x600x1800 450
PROFI.PLUS  160Α  (110kVA) 1000x600x1800 500
PROFI.PLUS  250A  (175kVA) 1200x600x1800 650
PROFI.PLUS  315A  (220kVA) 1200x600x1800 750
PROFI.PLUS  400A  (280kVA) 1600x800x1900 1.000
PROFI.PLUS  500Α  (350kVA) 1600x800x1900 1.200
PROFI.PLUS  720Α  (500kVA) 1800x800x1900 1.800
PROFI.PLUS  91  (630kVA) 2000x800x1900 2.000



Use - Technical Characteristics

 PROFI.PLUS is appropriate for any kind of electric loads. The system stabilizes the incoming voltage and can also optimize the Power Factor.     
 PROFI.PLUS also offers full protection against:
  •        striking charges
  •      voltage surges
  •       transient over/under voltages
  •       long-lasting over/undervoltages
  •     odd-sequence harmonics (parasites)
  •     sparking
  •      neutral loss
 PROFI.PLUS stabilization characteristics:
  •        Voltage stabilization (In ± 20%, Out ± 1,5%)
  •     Protection Level 90%  
  •     Efficiency 98%